When I get asked what would be an ideal gift for expecting moms, I say you can't go wrong with things that make someone's life more relaxing. 

Being pregnant is beautiful yet nerve-racking. Most days it is rainbow and butterflies, but there are many challenging pregnancy moments in between.  Feet swell. There is yet another stretch mark. Is this safe for my baby?

Giving an expectant mom a gift where she can be pampered while keeping her baby safe from toxins, synthetic fragrances and unhealthy additives will surely be remembered as thoughtful and caring. 

Here are my top gift picks for an expecting mama to help her live out healthier, happier, more relaxing life....


Organic Belly Butter

A luxuriously rich butter that caresses, protects, and pampers the belly during pregnancy. Expertly formulated with enriching organic essential oils of lavender, mandarin, sandalwood and rose to reduce the effects of stretch marks and ease itchiness. 



Refreshing Foot Balm 

One word: Heaven! My husband pampered me with this one. Ginger and lavender assist sore muscles and comfort aching feet, ankles and legs while grapefruit and cypress help reduce water retention and stimulate circulation. Sublimely scented.


Nighty Night Bath Essence

Soothing to the body and the mind. Ahhh, tranquility. Known to reduce inflammation and skin irritations. Aromatic effects support restfulness for an enchanting end of the day. This one is great to use on a newborn, but I liked using it on me too. Add 5 drops for babies, and 10 drops for adults.

 *Helps with Ear Aches



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